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At Donex, we have had an eventful and rewarding journey for the last 25 years and more. We have become an integral part in the daily lives of millions of Indians. We have emerged as one of India`s most preferred brands. We have retained and strengthened our timeless appeal, touching lives and bringing hope to millions. As the undisputed market leader in the batteries segment, commanding over 50% of India`s market share.

Donex manufactures and markets a wide spectrum of consumer products ranging from fans, light sources and luminaires, LED TV. Crompton has been the market leader in LED Lights and        led tv for over 20 years. It has manufacturing locations in Delhi and UP. Crompton products are available in nearly 150,00 retail points across the country. The business is rapidly expanding into new categories and expanding it`s "Reach".


"A legacy is not created in a day. It takes vision, continuous hard work, firm dedication and consistent quality focus to build a brand that inspires people, improves quality of life, and creates long-term value for all stakeholders."


- Mr. Vinod Kinger Chairman, KINGER ELECTRONICS.

Today Eveready is more than just a brand, it is a household name, the part and parcel of everyday lives of millions of Indians from all sections of society for over a 25 years. Probably, when Vinod Kinger established Donex Brand in the 1989`s in New Delhi, with the manufacturing of the Black and White Telivision, he did not see the mighty phenomenon he set in motion. It picked up pace and became a way of life all over the world. LED TV , Donex’s famous icon was launched in the 2004`s and it has remained the enduring symbol of energy excellence ever since.

Thereafter, although Donex Products were marketed in Dubai and Europe from 2004, Eveready Industries India was incorporated in 1989, and it soon became the leader in LED TV and LED Lights