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Transforming How You Feel in Your Home

Traditional craftsmanship. Tomorrow`s innovations. Since more than 25 years, Crompton Limited has pioneered new and smarter ways to circulate the air in your home. Learn more about the advanced technologies and features behind our collection of beautiful, high-performance consumer durables and lighting solutions

Crompton ceiling fans have set the standard in quality and craftsmanship for more than 75 years—and we apply the same principles to everything else we do. That`s why you can count on all of our products to help you transform your house into a stylish, comfortable, healthy home that looks—and feels—exactly the way you want it to. Explore some of the benefits of choosing Crompton:


It`s what sets Crompton apart. It`s at the heart of everything we put into our products. It`s why millions of people in India have come to rely on Crompton to provide comfort and convenience


With styles ranging from classic to contemporary, Crompton products are designed to work beautifully in today`s homes. We use the finest materials to create stylish designs that will add beauty to any room/home

Lasting Quality

Crompton makes sure all our products are as tough on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside.

Savings without Sacrifice

We all want a cleaner, greener planet, and Crompton products can help. By using Crompton Products, you can significantly decrease your personal energy use without sacrificing comfort

Consumer Products- Designed with You in Mind

Quiet for Life

Every Crompton Consumer Product has been painstakingly designed and crafted to be more than just beautiful, more than just another product. It`s why our customers have come to demand Crompton performance time and time again

Built Better, Backed Better

Donex`s product warranty besides is backed by excellent service network. So you get peace of mind with every purchase.

Easy to Use/ Install

Crompton Products are designed with easy to use/ install features that make it unique and convenient